Crump & Associates

Our services

Business law; Contracts; Wills & Trusts; Probate (AnthemLaw)

We will work with you to evaluate the political landscape, meet with the right people and shepherd your project through the process.

Sam Crump is an excellent communicator. In the political arena he honed his speaking skills in front of audiences large and small. He has been invited to speak on leadership before Rotary Clubs, religious conferences and trade groups. Using his wit, humor and timing, Sam is a frequent emcee at fundraising dinners. Sam will soon publish his book, Bullhorn Leadership.


Let us help you get your act together. Together we will assess the status quo, design the vision, and achieve the goal. Whether it is for a few days, a few months or ongoing, we will be with you each step of the way. 
Stop talking about taking your company, organization or life to the next level - do it. We can show you how.

A sampling of our past projects:

  • Dot coms
    • Product development 
    • Industry panelist
  • Healthcare providers

    • Seminar review/evaluation
    • Coaching
  • Financial entities
    • Event management
    • Featured speaker
  • Medical equipment brokers
    • Business plan development
    • Coaching
  • Non-profits
    • Organizational development
    • Featured speaker
    • Emcee