Crump & Associates

Attorney • Writer • Speaker • Coach

Sam Crump has over twenty-five years' experience in business, politics and law.

As an attorney he works with individuals and small businesses in the areas of wills & trusts, business formation, contracts and family law.

As a writer and speaker Sam uses his passion for leadership to inspire others to take action and achieve their goals.

As a coach and corporate trainer Sam works with individuals, businesses and non-profits to assess, design and achieve their way to success.

What if?
We approach projects and challenges by asking questions. We listen to you and learn what you want to achieve. We identify the objectives and obstacles, explore the most effective and efficient way forward, and propose a solution.  

Why not?
But solutions can be limited without vision. The most important element of our work is offering a fresh perspective. Instead of accepting the way it's always been done, we like to plunge into bold new ideas and ask "why not?"

Lastly, even a brilliant idea will go nowhere unless there is a blueprint for action. That's why we make sure we understand what your definition of success is and we work backwards from the goal by asking "how?"